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Please allow us to greet You and introduce one of the most significant water utility service provider in our contry, the Transdanubian Regional Waterworks Corporation, which serves more than 700,000 consumers in the six counties of the Transdanubian region.

During our daily activities our main target is to provide a secure drinking water- and sewerage supply for a long-term period with effective production investments which meet consumer and environmental requirements at the same time.

During our activity we deal with water – the essential and indispensable element of life –, which is a very vulnerable and limited available resource.  Being aware of this fact and strongly attached to their jobs, our colleagues feel responsible for providing clean and healthy drinking water. Our professionals – engineers, lab technicians, maintainers, customer service and many others work for this objective every day in more than 360 settlements of the country.

The target of our corporation is – in accordance with its almost hundred-year history - to provide a high level water utility service for all our clients by maintaining the company’s capability of renewal and development with an effective operation, which also meets the European standards.

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